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This OBD2 Tuning program is a general purpose calibration editor that allows you to make a wide variety of calibration changes to your vehicle OBD2 type VCM/PCM/TCM from an 'easy to use' Windows environment.

After reading and saving the calibration from your vehicle computer, the program locates and displays the calibration parameters in standard engineering units so there's no need to work with or even understand hex and binary numbers. We've tried to make the tables simple to understand as they will correspond to what your scan tool shows you.


  • Ability to read, modify and reprogram most 1996-2007 GM powertrain control modules (PCM). This includes specific 3.1L, 3.4L, 3.8L, 4.0L, 4.2L Inline, 4.3L, 4.6L, 4.8L, 5.0L, 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.5TD, 6.6L Duramax, 7.4L, and 8.1L. The most complete programming lineup available for popular GM trucks and cars!

  • Rewrite correct VIN right in the Editor and save the corrected information without having to go back to TIS to Web to correct ECM information.

  • You can rewrite the calibration section only (faster programming), or do a complete system and calibration reflash.

  • The software automatically clears trouble codes prior to reading or writing the PCM to ensure proper communication. Trouble codes are then re-cleared after reflashing to ensure normal operation after reprogramming. This is normally a big problem on Corvette with other programming software packages.

  • NEW PCM Recovery Feature in the event of a failed reflash. Recover dead computers previously 'fried' by GM TIS software or other reprogramming software packages.

  • VIN check and software calibration level check.

  • Control of all torque management and abuse modes.

  • Ability to adjust engine rev and speed limiting for all years (raising speed limiter requires speed rated tires).

  • Ability to adjust for any tire size or differential ratio change and fix ABS pulse count for scaling errors.

  • Modify the VE fuel tables for more performance.

  • Modify injection timing for Duramax and 6.5Turbo Diesel as well as ignition timing in all temperature modes for Inline,V6's and V8 gas models!

  • Ability to solve transmission shift problems and improve shift quality.

  • The only available software for 1996 and up 6.5 Turbo Diesel tuning!

  • Complete DTC list for check engine light disable -- all model year trouble codes (It may be against the law to modify these values).

  • Passkey disable, BCM and other module communication disable for Offroad installations.

  • Enables ability to rescale the fuel tank(s) for larger tank installation and proper mileage computer calculations.

  • Modify tune directly in the graphical environment and watch the numerical value text that shows where you are editing!

  • Full compare between two calibrations (same OS model only).

  • Ability to 'copyright' your changes and lock the PCM to prevent over-writing your proven tune. (Locking prevents everyone, even YOU from re-accessing the ECM).

  • We prefer you tune with a chassis dyno and proper test equipment, as this software is very powerful.

  • Best of all...NO LICENSE LIMIT! We still offer FREE updates.

  • The ONLY programming software for the Olds Shelby 1 with 4.0L V8 Northstar!


Email for Updates!

You must have the original version installed first or have installed from your CD prior to updating anything.

Now includes the following features:

  • Added "Calibration module import" function that allows you to import entire module section from one calibration into another. Very helpful with transmission swaps.

  • Added the "Table Export/import" function that allows you to export table values to a file and then import those values into another table or calibration.

  • Added a "Reports" menu with new reporting functions including a calibration difference summery report and a difference detail report for comparing calibrations.

  • The "speed calibration" function for the LT1 cars has been improved and now includes the speed error method and the automatic updating of the transmission tables.

  • Added checksum verification when you open a calibration file. A warning message is displayed if any incorrect checksums are found.

  • Added command line support so you can associate *.ddt file with the program and automatically start the OBDII Tuner by double clicking on a *.ddt file.

  • Added support for using a "," as the decimal separator for European users.

  • The GMT OBDII Tuner program now supports 32-bit calibration values.

  • Edit VIN information directly in the Editor instead of at the reflash event.

GMT/DDT kit interfaces are available in Serial or USB style.

We've used our own software package since 1996 to develop our own performance programs. For software updates, please contact us. Current Vehicle Support List

See Programming Software Price List to view details on purchasing our system

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