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  • As of March 2007, the DDTuner software package is the FIRST and ONLY software editing solution for custom tuning the 1996-2003 6.5 Turbo Diesel from GM. Covers the latest 37 current calibrations from GM. This includes the VIN "S" and VIN "F" trucks, all models including the H1 Hummer/AM General

  • DDT was the first available (2003) editing and reprogramming system for the 2001-2005 Duramax Diesel, 2006 H1 and HD/MD models.

  • The DDTuner gives you the ability to read, modify and reprogram any 2001-2005 Duramax powertrain control module (PCM) including 2006 H2 with LLY.

  • Easy to browse interface without confusing icons and redundant tables.

  • Rewrites calibration section only (faster programming) or the entire software section for a custom operating system.

  • Software automatically clears trouble codes before reading or writing PCM to prevent communication errors.

  • VIN check and software and calibration verification level check must be performed prior to reprogramming the included calibrations for the 6.5 Turbo Diesels.

  • All torque management and abuse modes editing.

  • Ability to adjust engine rev and speed limiting for all years (raising speed limiter requires speed rated tires)

  • Adjust transmission parameters for the 4L80E (6.5 Turbo Diesels). You're finally able to lock the torque converter in any gear you choose.

  • Ability to adjust for any tire size or differential ratio change (Duramax only)

  • Modify the fuel tables for more performance and mileage

  • Modify allowed boost limits and variable vane position on the LLY models.

  • Defeat EGR systems without any add-on gadgets.

  • Modify injection timing in all temperature modes to solve cold timing issues.

  • Modify rail pressure and limits if desired for better injection atomization.

  • Ability to solve transmission shift problems and improve shift quality.

  • Total DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) function test disable -- great for aftermarket turbos or other applications for boats or custom vehicles.

  • Complete DTC list for check engine light disable -- all model year trouble codes (It may be against the law to modify these values).

  • Glow plug timer modification for better cold starts in colder climates--priceless for the 6.5 Turbo Diesel.

  • Passkey disable and BCM communication disable for Off road installations

  • Enables ability to rescale the fuel tank(s) and fuel gauge for larger tank installations

  • New PTO functions as well as cruise control modifications

  • Copy and paste with a mouse click instead of clumsy drop down menus and PRINT tables within the editor to show your client what you modified for them.

  • Modify tune directly in the graphing mode--drag graphs or 3D environment.

  • Full compare between two calibrations (same calibration model only)

  • Copy and paste tables from a known good file to the other

  • Ability to lock your tune so the competition can't see your modifications

  • Preference to tuning shops with chassis dyno's and proper test/scanning equipment.

  • Best of all...NO LICENSE LIMIT! Tune unlimited vehicles. Free updates on request as new parameters are available. (These are no longer automatically emailed out--you must request them).

  • Roadrunner USB Drivers here...usb_drivers.zip these are needed for the DDTrealtime unit for realtime Duramax 2001-2004 LB7 tuning.

  • All 6.5 Turbo Diesel support is a free upgrade for our DDT and GMT customers.

  • Software operating information on the Instructions Page.


Email for Updates
You must have the Standard Version installed first, or have installed from your CD.

Now includes the following features:

  • Added "Calibration module import" function that allows you to import entire module section from one calibration into another. Very helpful with transmission swaps.

  • Added the "Table Export/import" function that allows you to export table values to a file and then import those values into another table or calibration.

  • Added a Reports menu with new reporting functions including a calibration difference summary report and a difference detail report for comparing calibrations.

  • The speed calibration function for the LT1 cars has been improved and now includes the speed error method and the automatic updating of the transmission tables.

  • Added checksum verification when you open a calibration file. A warning message is displayed if any incorrect checksums are found.

  • Added command line support so you can associate *.ddt file with the program and automatically start the OBDII Tuner by double clicking on a *.ddt file.

  • Added support for using a ',' as the decimal separator for European users.

  • The GMT OBDII Tuner program now supports 32-bit calibration values.

Custom tuning help is always available by emailing our programmer with your file or tuning problem. We have a real phone number with real tech support.

DDT-RT kit comes with a realtime communication unit fitted to the PCM(s) of your choice, and communications interface. You must be a DDTuner user to upgrade to DDT-RT.

We've used our own software package since 2002 to develop our own performance programs. With a properly built transmission and driveline, it's relatively simple to make your Duramax truck FASTER than a Corvette ! We've had dyno results of over 720HP and 1340ft/lbs on an independent dyno test with our race computer upgrade.

Check the GMT Version of the tuning software package...soon to be the ONLY software package with complete GM coverage with free updates. (FREE means you get free template upgrades--not just a free download).

See Programming Software Price List to view details on purchasing our system

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