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Contacting Wester's Garage

What is the best way to contact Wester's Garage to get answers fast?

The best way to contact Wester's Garage, as posted in our Contact Us page, is through EMAIL! We check our email continually throughout the day at Wester's Garage in real time. By phoning Wester's Garage, you may be put on hold for a period of time and we may end up taking your name and number to call you back as soon as we're available. By emailing, you will cut down the time required to answer phone messages and get a faster and almost immediate response. Email is fast and efficient!!

What should include in my emails to Wester's Garage?

The obvious would be your name (ha ha). When emailing, please include all prior correspondence as there are many emails we go through in a day. Also, please try to be as detailed and thorough as possible with your information and questions. We appreciate the time you put into being prepared.

Ordering From Wester's Garage

How do I place an order?

The BEST way to order from us is to use our order forms found on the Order Forms page. We have two choices: a form for gasoline vehicles and a form for diesel vehicles. After you have chosen a form, you can email it directly to us using the "Submit By Email" button found on the top of the form. If you prefer to not send personal information through email, you can fill out the form, print it out and fax it to us at 1-403-377-2270 (24 hours).

I can't open the order form

If you are not able to open the order forms, it is most likely because your computer does not have Adobe Reader installed. Adobe Reader is a program that allows you to read files in .pdf format. A link can be found on the order form page to download a free version of Adobe Reader. If the order form still will not open for you or you have a slower internet connection, please contact us and we can fax or email a form to you.

I can't submit the order form, there is an email error

This may occur if you do not have email set up through a program such as Microsoft Outlook. You can fix this by either setting up your email through this or a similar program on your computer OR you can simply fill our the form, save it, and then attach it to your email to us from your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. email account. Email the form to lwester {at} telusplanet {dot} net.

If for some reason the "Submit by Email" button won't work, save the form to your computer, open it in Adobe Reader, fill it out and then try the button again. In some internet browsers, the button will not work. Try Internet Explorer.

The order form says I need a CODE or VIN. What is my CODE or VIN, and where do I find it?

Performance SHIP and COMPUTER calibrations are CODE or VIN specific!

To order a 1982-1995 GM or 1987-2003 Ford calibration, you will need to provide us the following:

3-4 letter GM code or 3-4 alphanumeric Ford code on a white label located on the outside of your vehicle computer. (Can't find your computer? See this FAQ topic)

To order a 1994-2007 Flash-style GM computer:

To order GM Performance Computers (under hood PCM 1994-2007) you require the vehicle identification number (all 17 digits/letters read directly from the vehicle) AND computer service number. (Example Service Number: 12588335)

To order a flash handheld unit for your GM or Ford, we just need to know what year your vehicle is and what engine you want tuning for.

Complete list of Early Flash Computers which will require VIN -- we do not program all of them at this time.


How do I ship my computer to get tuned at Wester's Garage?

When you are wanting a custom tune by Wester's Garage and we require your computer, you must follow shipping instructions carefully! This will help get your computer here the best way and by the fastest means possible! Please click HERE to read our shipping instructions for a computer that is going to be tuned and then sent back!

Why am I being charged extra for a "Core"?

When you purchase a custom tune from Wester's Garage and we send you a computer for your vehicle, you are required to send your vehicle's original computer back to us. If you have not returned a core PCM, and our records indicate you haven't, you no longer get free updates.

If your core is not returned after 30 days, you cannot receive it for credit -- you've paid for it. When you've paid for your core (non-return or wish to own your stock calibration), you must return the performance PCM when a reburn or update is desired.

If your core is shipped and received damaged, we'll take a photo of it and email it to you. It will be returned. We do not accept damaged cores.

Damaged cores are considered to be in the following condition(s):

-- Physical Pin Damage
-- Connector damage or crushed to where the connectors can no longer provide a weather seal
-- Non-communicating (not able to reprogram)

If the core you send us did not come from your vehicle, it will be tagged with your name on it, arrival date, and checked to determine functionality. We do not accept damaged cores (whether internal or external). It is in your best interest to ensure the returned core comes from your truck to avoid core charges. Presently, we have a couple hundred non-functioning computers from prior clients.

I don't know how to send back my "Core"

Please see our Shipping Instructions page for Return Shipping Information.

Where's My Computer?

Please see this page for help on finding your computer.
For illustrated location pictures, click here.

How Do I Install My Wester's Custom Tune?

Please see the computer location page and scroll to the bottom where there are directions for installing your custom tune.


How do I become a dealer?

Contact us at 1-888-WESTER-1 (937-8371) or 1-403-377-CARS (2277)

Where can I find a dealer close to me?

Please visit our dealers page and on the left side, there is a list of provinces, states, and countries where our dealers can be found. Select the link to the one nearest you and you will be taken to a page with a map as well as contact information for our dealer's locations.

Will This Affect My Warranty?

If you are unsure about warranty issues you may be faced with, please read this TSB that GM produced in 2007 here.

What Is Torque Management?

Torque Management is a function of the PCM that reduces engine power under certain conditions. Torque Management is performed for three reasons;
1) To prevent overstress of powertrain components,
2) To limit engine power when brakes are applied, and
3) To prevent damage to the vehicle during certain abusive maneuvers.

The PCM uses manifold vacuum, intake air temperature, spark retard, engine speed, engine coolant temperature, A/C clutch status, and EGR valve position to calculate engine output torque. It then looks at torque converter status, transaxle gear ratio, and brake switch inputs and determines if any torque reduction is required, the PCM retards spark as appropriate to reduce engine torque output. In the case of abusive maneuvers, the PCM may also shut off fuel to certain cylinders to reduce engine power.

There are five instances when engine power reduction is likely to be experienced:
During transaxle upshifts and downshifts
Heavy acceleration from a standing start
If brakes are applied with moderate to heavy throttle
If brakes are applied and brake booster vacuum is low
When the driver is performing stress-inducing (abusive) maneuvers such as shifting into gear at high throttle angles

In the first two instances, the driver is unlikely to even notice the Torque Management actions. In the other three cases, engine power output will be moderate at full throttle. When the PCM determines that engine power reduction is required, it calculates the amount of spark retard necessary to reduce power by the desired amount. This spark retard is then subtracted from the current spark advance. In the case of abusive maneuvers, the fuel injectors for cylinders 1, 4, 6, and 7 will also be disabled for a period of time.

What Is Horsepower?

Please see this page for horsepower information.

Fuel Mileage Gains From Wester's Tune

For fuel mileage gains information and mileage tips, please click here.

If you have any questions that have not been answered or you would like to know something that is not on this page, please contact us. No question is a dumb question! There may be someone out there wanting to know the same thing! 

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