Fuel Pump Upgrade Products

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Magnuson Radix Boost Pump GSL-392

Fuel pump replacement but has 80 PSI peak and 255 litre per hour flow rate. Remember to save your old inlet and outlet parts.

New Fuel Pump



Magnuson Radix Boost Pump GSL-394

Direct fuel pump replacement for add-on pump required for Magnuson Radix kits. Does not come with new hoses... this is a pump assembly only. Remember to save your old inlet and outlet parts.

New Fuel Pump



Fuel Pump - 386L/hr, Turbine HP

F90000262 - Fuel Pump 386 LPH, HP



Fuel Pump 300LPH, High-Pressure Turbine

SM320 - Fuel Pump 300LPH, HP Turbine



In-line Screw Pump 330LPH, High-Pressure

WSP330 - EL3M In-line Screw Pump 330LPH, High-Pressure (Pierburg P/N 7.00228.51)



Dual In-tank Pump System G7X

DPFS-G7 - G7 Stainless Fuel Pump Sender DUAL



G7 Double Pump Kit

DPFS-G7 - Wiring kit for dual in-tank pumps kit



C5 Fuel Pump Assembly

FPA-005 - 1997-2003 C5 Corvette High Performance Fuel Pump System



CTSV Fuel Pump Assembly

FPA-008 - CTSV High-Performance Fuel Pump System



255L/hr Fuel Pump

GSS307 - 255/hr Fuel Pump



255L/hr Fuel Pump




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