Wester's Garage DDT-RTTM Tuner



  • Ability to reprogram in REAL TIME any supported 1998-2007 GM powertrain control module (PDM).

  • Rewrites calibration sections as you make changes.

  • You can monitor your changes as you make them with a scan tool directly connected to the vehicle.

  • Supports both LS1 style and LB7 to 2007 including medium and heavy duty models.

  • All tuneable features as in the DDTuner software packages.

  • Preference to tuning shops with chassis dynos and proper test equipment.

  • Best of all... NO LICENSE LIMIT!! Free updates as new parameters are available.

  • Available now... seeing pricing page. Existing Wester's Dealers, there is a reduced rate available.

  • Roadrunner USB Drivers here (usb_drivers.zip). These are needed for the realtime unit.

  • Coming soon... all 6.5 Turbo Diesel support. Free upgrade for our DDT customers.


DDT-RT kit comes with a realtime communication unit fitted to the PCM(s) of your choice. You must be a DDTuner user to upgrade to DDT-RT.

We've used our own software package for the last several years to develop our own performance programs. With a properly built transmission and driveline, it's relatively simple to make your Duramax  truck faster than a Corvette! We've had dyno results of over 540 HP and 1080 ft/lbs on an independent dyno test with our computer upgrade alone and stock turbocharger.

See Programming Software Price List to view details on purchasing our system.

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