Wester's Garage Upgrades

We have been working to improve our shop on a regular basis ranging from paint to pavement... We'd love to have you come and visit!

Dyno Replacement

Our 500HP Sun Chassis Dyno Before Replacement

Old Chassis Dyno is out of the shop's floor hole

New SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 Dyno arrives!!

The hole in the floor of the shop is enlarged for the new steel frame that will hold the new Dyno

A crane is used to lift in the steel frame and the Dyno

The custom-made steel frame is set into the shop floor

The new Dyno is slowly brought into the shop and lowered into place

The Dyno is finally in!

Our first customer couldn't wait to take 'er for a spin (ha ha). We did a rough tune for him so he could run at the race track

2010 Upper Level Storage

The white painted upper section was existing. The first photo shows the unpainted existing structure.

Behind the Dyno Computer was open to the back of the shop
The extension has slowly been built. This allows us to store almost all of our products above ground.

The unpainted wood extension was added to multiply the storage space above. A railing with chain for safety has also been installed.

The Dyno computer backed up to the shop is now blocked off and has its own wall.

A staircase has been added to the back of the wall. No more ladder to get up there!

New lighting has been installed
Summer 2011 Paint Job (Outside)
Here are some Before photos
And After...
Fall 2011 Window Replacement 
The old window was single paned and very drafty   
The new window is very open and a lot warmer!

Thanks to JBK Construction out of Medicine Hat 
Fall 2011 Pavement
Before photos
There was large gravel in this lot. This is the excavating process

Then it was packed down and ready for the asphalt
The asphalt is poured and rolled/packed down. The end result looks awesome!

Thanks to Brooks Asphalt & Aggregate Ltd.




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