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 A customized PCM will outperform marketed "Handheld Programmers" -- "Guaranteed or your money back!" ** When programmed to our specifications, not yours.







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RADIX Supercharger Pulleys for Magnuson Radix Superchargers

For the Magnuson Radix -- our custom designed SuperCharger pulley is light, as strong and a tight fit. All are black anodized.

Machined from an alloy bar stock, this is our own design. Thicker hub, dimension between hub and pulley grooves is double the thickness of our competitors. Stock supplied Magnuson pulley is 3.1" for 6.0L and 3.4" for 5.3L Truck. Note shaft size when ordering. We chose our aluminum alloy for weight, deflection (none) and wear properties -- as well as heat dissipation characteristics. This pulley has a lifetime warranty.

3.0", 2.9", and a radical 2.8" for higher boost at lower RPM. Do NOT order a 3.0", 2.9", or 2.8" without proper PCM programming.

Check belt tension after installation. Lower boost with smaller pulley often indicates a slipping belt!!

Wester's Custom Manufactured Pulleys

Need: Pulley Size




Supercharger Pulleys for Magnuson 1900 & 2300 TVS

For the Magnuson -- our custom designed SuperCharger pulley is light, as strong and a tight fit.

Machined from steel, this is Magnuson's design. Stock supplied Magnuson pulley is 3.4".

3.0" for higher boost at lower RPM.

Will require smaller belt. 6 Rib Pulley. PHOTO HERE

Magnuson Manufactured Pulleys




GM Gauge Mount

Gauge Mount for 1997-2007 Classic Chevrolet or GMC GMT-800 Trucks. Exact Fit for Dash.


Gauge Mount for 1997-2007 GM Trucks




GM Diablosport Predator

GM V8 LS1-LS2 Gas -- Custom Programmed by Wester's Garage (Program only) Predator Programmers are also available from us at retail pricing.

Emailed Performance Calibration




GM Diablosport Predator Made Stock

GM/Ford/Dodge Diesel or Gas -- Custom RESTORE your HANDHELD to NEW condition!

Need: Your Predator Handheld for restoration




Bosch 5-wire, wide-band 02 Sensor

A replacement wideband sensor that plugs into an Innovate LC-1 or LM-1 wideband controller. This is the same sensor included in our LC-1 with Sensor and LM-1 kits.

Replacement Sensor for LM-1



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